Pharos Architectural Controls

Founded in 2004, Pharos Architectural Controls are a UK based, independently owned company specialising in control systems for the entertainment industry.

Their range of products spans single DMX universe controllers, in either din rail or Touchscreen format, plus high channel count rack mount devices.

All products feature solid state hardware for maximum reliability, plus a 5 year warranty.

VLC Video Lighting Controller

The VLC is a cost effective solution for controlling installations with large pixel arrays. Content can be played back via stored HD video files, by DVI-D input or via generated effects.
VLC uses the same Designer Software as the rest of the Pharos range, and easily networks with other Pharos devices such as Remote Interfaces and Touch Screens.


TPS Touch Panel Station

4.3" Capacitive Touchscreen that networks with and Pharos Controller. The TPS has a fully customisable user interface that allows for creation of multiple pages of controls.
A TPS requires only a single network cable, with no dedicated power supply needed.


LPC-1 Lighting Playback Controller

Single DMX universe controller outputting DMX directly. Timeline based programming via freely downloadable Designer software.
The LPC-1 is a compact, din rail mount unit and is scalable over ethernet.


TPC Touch Panel Controller

The TPC outputs a single universe of eDMX in a convenient twin-gang sized package. The User Interface is easily customisable and can contain multiple pages of controls and also give visual feedback.
The TPC receives both its power and data via a single ethernet cable, making installation extremely simple with no local power supply required.


LPC-2 Lighting Playback Controller

The LPC-2 can control up to 1024 DMX channels from a compact din rail mount unit.


LPC-4 Lighting Playback Controller

The LPC-4 outputs 2 Universes of DMX-512 locally, plus 2 universes of eDMX, totalling 2048 channels of control.


LPC X Lighting Playback Controller

The LPC X is a single, 19" rack mount unit with a channel capacity of up to 200 universes. Further expansion on this channel count can be achieved with scaling over ethernet.
Other Pharos Controllers and Remote devices integrate seamlessly over the network, and are all programmed using the Designer software.


EXT Expansion Module

The EXT Expansion Module is programmed as an extension of a TPC from the Pharos Designer software. It supplies power and data to the connected TPC, as well as RS-2332, 8 Digital/Analog inputs and a Dali bus.
The EXT has an internal 100-240v AC power supply creating - alongside a TPC - a standalone, mains powered DMX lighting control solution.
Other Pharos Controllers and Remote devices can be integrated with the EXT over an Ethernet network.


BPS Button Panel Station

The BPS is is Power-over-Ethernet device that allows 8 high-reliability tactile switches to be placed at any remote location.
Button functions are programmed from the Designer software and can be used to recall scenes, set intensity values or access many other customisable features.


RIO 80/44/08

The RIO 80/44/08 family are Power-over-Ethernet devices that expand the number of inputs and/or outputs available on the Pharos network.
RIO's are compatible with all Pharos Controllers (LPC, TPC, AVC, LPC X) allowing lighting to respond to inputs from other systems or simple buttons and controls.
Three models are available - RIO80 (8 Inputs) - RIO44 (4 Inputs, 4 outputs) - RIO08 (8 outputs).



The RIO D is a Power-over-Ethernet device that provides control of up to 64 Dali ballasts.
RIO D is compatible with all Pharos controllers, and ballasts can be configured directly from the Designer software.
Adding a RIO D to an existing Pharos system provides a convenient way to merge DMX and Dali protocols within the same control system.



The RIO A is a Power-over-Ethernet device that provides audio triggering or timecode injection from a remote location.
RIO A has a stereo balanced line-level input and up to 30 band spectrum analysis. There is also a Midi in port for MTC triggering as well as Midi out.


POE Unmanaged Switch

The POE is a 1+4 port unmanaged 10/100 Ethernet switch. It provides 4 PoE outputs which can be used to integrate Pharos Controllers, Remote Devices and Button Panel Stations, plus a 5th Non-Poe output for network connection.


RDM DMX 512 Repeater

RDM is a 1+4 port DMX 512 repeater compatible with the Remote Device Management standard.
RDM has an opto-isolated input and through connection, and comes packaged in a din rail mount enclosure.