End Client: The Shell Building
Designer: Farhad Rahim, BDSP
Our Client: E7 Contracting
Fixtures: Anolis

Illumination of the iconic Shell Building on Londons South Bank by consultants BDSP extends the Pharos Controlled skyline.

System Outline:

A Pharos Controls TPC runs 12 * Anolis ArcPad Extreme fixtures, mounted on custom columns located in Jubilee Gardens. The TPC is programmed with static colour overrides and a selection of sequences. In normal operation, the building illuminates with the London Eye and County Hall.
Lumenradio wireless transmitters and receivers allow communication between the Shell Building and the lighting columns.

Control Equipment List:

1 * Pharos Controls TPC
1 * Pharos PoE Switch
1 * Pathway eDin DMX Node
12 * Anolis ArcPad Extreme RGBW
1 * Lumenradio OSDTX-1 Slim Transmitter
2 * Lumenradio OSRRX-1 Slim Receiver