End Client: National Maritime Museum
Designer: Andy Grant, Luminance
Our Client: SI Electrical

The last surviving and fastest tea clipper of her time, the Cutty Sark reopens in Greenwich after a complete refurbishment.

System Outline:

Day to day, the Pharos control system runs via a Real time clock, which switches between cleaning, show and shutdown states. A custom web interface allows users to override the system, or make evening settings for special events.
In the central Theatre space, control can come from either the Pharos system or from the local console via a changeover system.

Control Equipment List:

1 * Pharos Controls LPC-2 with Custom Web Interface
1 * Pharos PoE Switch
6 * Artistic Licence Rail Split
5 * Artistic Licence Rail Switch
2 * Artistic Licence Rail Demux
1 * Artistic Licence Rail Flip
1 * ETC Smartfade