Madame Tussauds - Amsterdam

End Client: Merlin Entertainments, UK
Designer: David Hurst, Full On Lighting Design, UK
Our Client: Thoene und Partner, Germany

Refurbishment of the 5th and 6th floors of the famous Dam Square attraction led to supply of selected control equipment, followed by on-site commissioning and programming.

System Outline:

The control system needed to be able to run on a timeclock during normal operational hours, with the ability to override the timeclock in case of special events. The Custom web interface allows wireless access to lighting states which are selected to a clients specification during events.

Equipment List:

1 * Pharos Controls LPC-1 with Custom Web Interface
3 * Anolis ArcPower 36
18 * Anolis ArcSource 3 RGB
2 * Martin Professional Smartmac
1 * ETC Source 4 with Rosco Revo Pro Dual Rotator
Concord Beaconspot Pro