Media City, Salford - Completion November 2011

End Client: Peel Holdings  
Designer: Pinniger
Our Client: EnTech Limited

November 2011 saw the completion of this high profile, 18 month long project in Salford. In conjunction with Pharos Controls, Experience Lighting provided the control system design for the Public Realm areas, as well as on-site commissioning and programming.

System Outline:

Pharos Controls LPC-1's, LPC-2's and an LPC-X are housed in various locations around the site, networked by the existing IP infrastructure and controlled by internal timeclock. A PC is also provided with a custom Web Interface allowing manual override control for special events and test purposes.

Equipment List:

1 * Pharos Controls LPC-X with Custom Web Interface
4 * Pharos Controls LPC-2
2 * Pharos Controls LPC-1
3 * Artistic Licence Rail Switch
3 * Artistic Licence Rail Split
413 * Lec Lyon Inground RGB Uplights
31 * Color Kinetics iColor Flex Strings
36 * Sill RGB Finials
60 * Color Kinetics iColor Flex MX Strings with individual pixel control
35 * Color Kinetics iColor Flex MX Strings
59 * Color Kinetics ColorGraze Powercore Linear RGB Strip
14 * RGB Uplights
20m * Osram flexible RGB LED