Pharos architectural controls


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The Pharos VLC (Video Lighting Controller) is an extremely capable but cost effective solution for large LED pixel arrays such as building façades, bridges, and presentation walls. It makes it simple to play video content across your array, either from locally stored HD media files or a DVI-D video input. It also offers a range of creative generative effects, the versatility of powerful show control, and integration features.

- Compact format for large pixel arrays

- Scaleable via network

- Real Time & Astro Clock

- Built In or Custom Web Interface

- Live HD Video Capture via DVI-D

The VLC is a rugged 1U 19” rackmount unit with separate Gigabit Ethernet ports for management and DMX-over-Ethernet (eDMX) output. It is available in multiple variants with capacities ranging from 25,600 channels up to a massive 768,000 channels from a single unit, with further scaling by using multiple Controllers connected and synchronised over Ethernet.


The VLC can be part of a network of up to 40 Pharos Controllers, with the network capable of simultaneous output of multiple protocols - including Artnet I, II, III & IV, Kinet V1 & sACN.


VLC has separate Gigabit Ethernet ports for Management and eDMX Protocol output. Also an on-board Serial port allows configurable RS-232 commands to be sent and received. DVI-D Video Input allows HD video capture for playback over the pixel matrix. Video files can also be stored internally on the 128GB SSD with H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MJPEG and Quicktime formats supported.


5 Year Warranty.