Pharos architectural controls


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The Pharos TPS (Touch Panel Station) is an elegant interface with a customisable, 4.3 capacitive touch screen, that works with any Pharos Controller.

The TPS is available in a range of different coloured bezels and overlays. Install is easy and convenient as the TPS only requires a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network connection. The customisable touch screen user interface lets you create multiple pages of controls, configure their appearance and get immediate visual feedback. The controls then allow you to trigger and adjust scenes, timelines, overrides and a myriad of other functions that are part of your control system.

- Portrait or Landscape Layout

- Freely Editable Layouts with any number of pages

- Custom Font Support

- Learning IR Port

TPS is a 4.3" capacitive Touchscreen interface, making navigating a project quick and easy. The display is freely customisable, including buttons, sliders, keypads and colour pickers. All configuration is done from within the Pharos Designer 2 software.


Multiple Touch Devices can be combined with one or more Pharos controllers on the same network, with a maximum of 40 Controllers and Touch Devices in total.


PoE powered only needing a single Cat 5 cable providing both power and data.


5 Year Warranty.