Pharos architectural controls

RIO 08 / 44 / 80

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The Pharos RIO 80, 44 and 08 (Remote Input Output) devices provide a convenient and scalable way to add inputs and outputs to a Pharos system for show control and integration. Each device can be placed where it is needed and connected to the Controllers over an Ethernet network. Each RIO has a multi-protocol serial port, supporting DMX input and output, and a combination of multi-functional digital/analog inputs and relay outputs.

- Expands Input and/or Output capacity

- Inputs configurable as either Contact Closure, Active Low / High or Analog

- Outputs are individually isolated relays at 48v, 0.25A

- Serial Port for either RS232 or output of 98 DMX Channels

The RIO is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered, with a rugged DIN rail mounting enclosure and install-friendly connectors. It comes in three variants one with eight inputs; one with eight outputs; and one with four of each. The inputs are individually configurable as contact closure, active low, active high or 0-24V analog level. The outputs are individually isolated relays (48V, 0.25A). All variants support a multi-protocol serial port.


Remote Devices allow the fully scalable Pharos system to be tailored to the needs of each individual project. Multiple Pharos Controllers can be used together with up to 200 Remote Devices and will synchronise automatically. The Controllers are programmed using the free Pharos Designer 2 software.


Made for permanent installation, with installer-friendly 0.200 (5.08mm) plug-in rising clamp terminals, a rugged, compact enclosure, and easy DIN rail mounting.


5 Year Warranty.