Pharos architectural controls


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The Pharos EXT is an extension for the Pharos TPC and together they form a standalone, mains-powered lighting controller with versatile output and show control options. The TPC is a powerful lighting controller with Ethernet-based output and integration options. However, many DMX and DALI installations donít need the added complexity of network infrastructure. The EXT provides local DMX and DALI output for the TPC, as well as power and other hardware interfaces.

- 230v Power Supply, Din Rail mount

- Allows for Easy install of TPC Controller

- 8 Contact Closure / Digital inputs

- RS232 Port for receiving or sending remote triggers

- Dali universe for up to 64 Dali Ballasts

The EXT is an optional extension for a single Pharos TPC. Together they can function as a standalone control system, or scale with other Pharos devices over a network. The EXT supplies power and data to the TPC via a single cable, and provides physical interfaces including both DMX and DALI.


The EXT can be used to expand the IO capabilities of the TPC. It has a PoE output for the TPC itself, plus an Ethernet port for programming or connection to a wider network.


No Low Voltage PSU required - Mains powereed 230v input only.


5 Year Warranty.