What we Sell

We only recommend reliable products from quality brands. Our core suppliers are detailed below, we also deal with many other manufacturers. Our independence means we only specify the best solution for a clients requirements.

Pharos Architectural Controls

Pharos Architectural Controls provide innovative solutions across the entertainment & architectural lighting and audio visual industries. Reliable soild-state controllers are installed in locations across the globe, from theme parks and shopping malls to art installations and museums.


Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence design and manufacture a wide range of Lighting Control products, including products for data distribution, test equipment and LED controllers.


Light Processor

Light Processor's catalogue has a range of DMX Tools, Dimming and Control equipment.



Robe Lighting is based in the Czech Republic, and manufactures moving lights and digital lighting products. From club effects to Scanners and their new range of LED Source Moving Heads, all are easy to service and maintain.


Other Brands

We also supply products from many other brands, click the link below for a range of products...